Commonly Used Frying Pans and Pots For Cooking

Commonly Used Frying Pans and Pots For Cooking

Commonly Used Frying Pans and Pots For Cooking – These pots and pans are multi-functional tools that are commonly used for cooking and there are many other uses that can cook a wide variety of foods

Frying Pans and Pans


The hallmark of this skillet can be seen from its appearance which is speckled with white like a marble surface. A skillet with a marble coating usually has a stronger resistance to scratches than a Teflon pan. In terms of price, a skillet with marble coating is often sold above the price of a Teflon pan.

The most important and mandatory cooking tools that you must have in your kitchen are pans and pans. Because these two tools are multifunctional cooking utensils that have a lot of uses. Good for sauteing, frying, boiling, and so on.

Making simple dishes such as soup does only require an ordinary skillet or pan which is easily found in shops, markets and supermarkets. But, if you want to try to make a menu that is more complicated than usual, but you don’t have the pans and pans you need in your kitchen? Of course it takes special pans and pans.

If you want to buy a frying pan or pot for cooking, but are confused about which one to choose, don’t worry. The following are some types of pans and pots and their uses that you need to know in advance, so you don’t choose the wrong one.



This type of wok is more often used by Asian people. Because many Asian dishes are stir-fried. In fact, this skillet is also often used to cook large-scale food.

Examples of dishes that use wok are fried rice, kwetiau, capcay, and fried noodles. This wok consists of two kinds, namely the wok which has two handles or handles and one long handle made of wood.


Frying pan is also known as skillet. Its flat shape and wide enough diameter make this skillet often used for frying or sautéing with a little oil. The sloping walls make it very easy to turn the dish, so it doesn’t burn easily.

In addition, this type of frying pan is very good as a heat medium. This is evidenced by the cooking oil that is poured on the pan, it will heat up faster in a fairly short time. Therefore, the frying pan is perfect for those who want to cook quickly without fear of burning.

Frying pans come in various sizes. Starting from 18 cm to 30 cm in diameter, so you can choose according to your wishes or cooking needs later. If the size of the food ingredients is larger, don’t hesitate to choose a frying pan that is large enough so that large-sized foodstuffs when fried or sauteed will not pile up between one another. Because food that accumulates when cooked can not cook evenly.

The right type of cooking when using a frying pan is stir-fry with a little cooking oil, side dishes such as omelettes, and small meals such as pancakes and crepes.


Basically, the sauce pan does not have a diameter as large as a frying pan with a fairly high wall, so it is suitable for use when cooking soupy foods such as cream soup or making sauces to complement dishes. Sauce pans are also often used for frying food with the use of less oil thanks to their small diameter and high pot walls.


The bottom of the grill pan has various shapes, namely flat or wavy. This skillet is perfect for grilling meat and vegetables. The wavy serrations at the bottom of the grill pan are very useful for giving the effect of the results of combustion lines on meat and other baked goods so that it looks more attractive.


This pan has the largest size compared to other types of pans. The thick bottom is perfect for boiling a food ingredient for a long time, so it is often used to cook broths, curries, and soups. Not only that, usually stock pots are also equipped with a separator net or a perforated steamer base. So it can be used to steam sticky rice and also make peppers.


If you want all the cooking processes in the kitchen to be processed using only one tool, then an instant pot is the answer. This tool is very multifunctional and practical. Because it can be used for baking, cooking, boiling, frying, and so on that are available in one tool.

The advantages offered by this instant pot are that it is very practical to use by a novice cook. Because only by pressing one button according to the food you want to process and the time it takes without doing other rituals, be the dish you want. Easy isn’t it?



Iron is the best conductor of heat for cooking. Not only that, iron can also be flexible to temperature, so the life of tools made of iron will be longer. So it’s no wonder that cooking food at high temperatures, such as steak, becomes easier and faster.


One of the reasons why many people like to use this aluminum pan is none other than because it is easy to clean and does not leave any traces of dirt. In addition, the light ingredients make cooking easier. In fact, this pan is also anti-rust so it can last longer.


It is a food grade licensed cooking utensil material so it is safe to use. Not only that, the heat generated is quite good. Its anti-rust properties are a plus for tools made with this material. Although the price is quite expensive for good quality stainless steel, tools with this material are still a mainstay for cooks.


Not only iron is a good conductor of heat, copper pans are also known to be quite good. When the stove is turned on, the conductive properties of the copper will react to make the food cook faster. The attractive color can also beautify the ENDEUSiast home kitchen.


Some pans come with additional ingredients in the form of coatings on the inner surface. This pan coating material usually functions as a non-stick coating, making it easier to clean the pan. Let’s take a look at some types of non-stick coatings that are commonly used in frying pans.


This material is very popular and is widely used for cooking utensils. In addition to being cheap, the quality of the non-stick coating is also quite durable when used. Tips for choosing a pan from a good Teflon material, namely choosing a Teflon layer that has a good material content, so it doesn’t peel off easily. Also pay attention to the material of the handle. We recommend choosing a handle that does not transfer heat quickly, is light, and is also easy to grip, such as a handle made of wood or silicone


The hallmark of this skillet can be seen from its appearance which is speckled with white like a marble surface. A skillet with a marble coating usually has a stronger resistance to scratches than a Teflon pan. In terms of price, a skillet with marble coating is often sold above the price of a Teflon pan.


This skillet is three times the thickness of a regular skillet, making it stronger than the others. The ingredients themselves are claimed to be free of chemicals and can conduct heat evenly so that food cooks faster.


This type of skillet is very popular because it is made from natural materials, namely ceramics which contain very fine diamond flakes in it. A skillet with diamond coating can spread heat throughout the food ingredients evenly and is not easily scratched.


Pans made of cast iron or stainless steel are often coated with enamel to get a modern and luxurious look. The enamel layer is obtained by using a special paint that makes this layer not easily scratched. The enamel-coated pan can even be used in temperatures as high as 200⁰C. This coating material still allows some cooking residue to stick to the bottom of the pan.


Marc Gregoire, an engineer from France made the first non-stick frying pan in 1954. This frying pan is known as the TEFAL brand. In 1961 Marion A. Trozzolo began marketing the first non-stick frying pan with The Happy Pan in the United States. Non-stick frying pans have been used since the 1940s for a variety of purposes. This is due to the nature of the pan which is stable against other chemicals and can produce a scratch-resistant surface.

Non-stick pans usually come with coatings made from Teflon, ceramic coating, bio granite, to diamond coating. These coating materials are able to produce a pan surface that is not easily crusted or left behind during the cooking process. ENDEUSiast may even do the process of sauteing or burning without using oil. Unfortunately, a frying pan with a non-stick coating like this has a price that is quite draining when compared to an aluminum pan. Well, so that the non-stick pan has a long life, let’s look at the following care tips.

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Never use a metal spatula, instead use a spatula or stirrer made of smooth wood to avoid scratching the non-stick coating.


It’s best to cook on low or medium heat, as this non-stick cookware is designed only for cooking at low to medium heat.


Avoid cooking acidic foods such as tomatoes and lemons. The acid in the food will peel off the non-stick coating more quickly.


If the temperature of the non-stick pan is still hot, don’t rush to douse it with water. It’s best to let it cool and then wash it clean.


Always use dish soap and a mild dishwashing sponge to avoid scratching the non-stick coating.


Avoid soaking in soapy water as it allows the non-stick coating to absorb the smell and taste of the soap.

AVOID stacking the skillet with other cooking utensils

Avoid stacking non-stick frying pans with other metal cookware to avoid possible scratches. Just hang the pan for added safety.


Replace a non-stick frying pan that is full of scratches. Do not use Teflon cooking utensils that have a lot of scratches. Scratches on the non-stick coating run the risk of flaking non-stick flakes mixed in and into the food being cooked.



Remember to remember to choose a pan with a heat-resistant handle. This handle is intended so that ENDEUSiast does not have to bother using a cloth or cloth to lift the pan. This of course will make it easier to move the pan without the aid of a heat sink.


The pan material usually consists of several types such as ceramic, porcelain, iron, aluminum, and so on which have different heat levels. So, choose a skillet that suits your cooking needs. For sauteing, carbon steel is a good material. while iron and non-stick, suitable for doing frying.

Pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of the material as well. For example on non-stick, it is easy to wash but also easy to scratch. Then cast-iron or copper pans are much longer-lasting than nonstick, but are more expensive and difficult to clean. Out of all of them, which one would ENDEUSiast want to take?


The shape of the stove quietly played a part in the selection of the ENDEUSiast skillet. pay attention to the stove at home, is it suitable for a concave or flat bottom pan? If the stove has a stand, ENDEUSiast can still use a concave bottom pan.

This skillet is also suitable for many soupy dishes and large portions too. However, when using an electric stove with a flat surface, it is best to stay away from the concave shape. Choose a flat, pan, or Teflon frying pan.


There are many sizes of pans to choose from. Starting from small, to large with a diameter of 30-35 centimeters. To determine the suitability for cooking needs, ENDEUSiast must pay attention to the number of people in the house and how much they eat in one menu.

If you need a little, then a small skillet is suitable for your kitchen. But a skillet with a large frying pan, would be more ideal for ENDEUSiast who likes to cook with large portions and for many people.


Before you start shopping, remember to do some budgeting. This makes it easier for ENDEUSiast to buy the type, size, and shape, as well as controlling the cost of cooking utensils. In addition, make sure the price with an online price survey. Platforms on search engines allow ENDEUSiast to compare prices more easily. Online prices can’t be used as a benchmark for prices in stores, but of course the difference will not be far.

Those are the tips that ENDEUSiast must keep in mind before deciding to buy a new frying pan. Buying is easy, but caring is difficult. Make sure first what and how the goods ENDEUSiast want to get. Well, happy shopping


A skillet that is often used is not impossible if a black crust appears. If the crust is left longer, it will of course accumulate and be difficult to remove.

To clean it ENDEUSiast can use vinegar to the bottom of a crusty pan. Let stand for 20-30 minutes, then wash with soap as usual. In addition to using vinegar, ENDEUSiast can also use baking soda and wait for a few hours for maximum results.

Baking soda is the most commonly used method for removing stubborn stains and scale. Especially if it is added with lime juice. Of course it will be easier to remove. The trick is to mix the two together until it forms a paste-like texture, then spread it on the crust of the pan and let it sit for an hour. After that, rub with a spatula and rinse thoroughly.

Online Slot Gambling Money Making Machines

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Online Slot Gambling Money Making Machines – Online slot gambling games are currently one of the gambling options that you can find in the world of online gambling. It’s not difficult to bring in cash at online slot machine betting destinations, you can get large amounts of rupiah consistently. However, for beginners, it is generally difficult for them to profit from playing the best online slot bets. Usually they see that the benefit is essentially an increase in the benefit, even though it’s not. In addition to rewards, players can also get various benefits such as prizes or prizes in the form of jackpots.

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1. Getting Game

Beginners must understand the way and status of slot games. Slot games are actually games that are not difficult to play and basic. One tick then the reels or reels will spin. First of all, you can practice slot machines without using bets. This is obviously very helpful for the players when choosing to play online slot games that can generate payouts for these players.

2. How the Machine Works

Many destinations today are selling various kinds of jackpots or online demo slot machines. Choose a PC from the most trusted specialists. First, see how slot machines work so well. The reels or reels on a slot machine have 3 to 5 spins. To be honest, there is no simple reliable method to win slots. RNG can be a problem in this game because having a game idea with an irregular number generator, obviously this will be a hassle.

This program will naturally change and randomize the numbers. Until it is asked whether there are numbers or pictures. Furthermore, the speculator must have the potential for precision when working the machine speed every second. Understanding online slot machines makes it easy to win in playing and get big profits without any problems.

3. Calculate Bet

The reason for making small bets is to try not to lose a large amount of money every time you first play the game. It is not difficult to bet because it affects the success of beginners should place a simpler bet first. The progress that comes with it is to limit the game’s misfortune in the future.

4. Try another Game

The most overlooked and most difficult approach to winning is to aim at the games that are dangerous for the player. Assuming you’re watching a type of game that doesn’t provide free twists or other extra features, it’s a good idea to change game types quickly to exploit.

Know the Types of Kitchen Needs Cooking Spoons

Know the Types of Kitchen Needs Cooking Spoons – A spoon is one of the most useful utensils for eating. Spoons are not just one type that we usually use as a tool to scoop food and put it in the mouth, and have a small size.

Types of spoons for eating are also very diverse. I’m sure, from ordinary tablespoons to duck spoons there must be in your home. But, are the following cooking spoons also fully available? Spoons are not only for eating, but some are specially designed for cooking. The size must be much bigger because its reach is bigger than the dinner plate. Instead of getting confused when shopping, let’s check this list!

Know the Types of Kitchen Needs Cooking Spoons

1. Spatula

Often people are confused by the difference between a spatula, a spatula, and a razor. In fact, these three cooking spoons are the same, you know. The term spatula is indeed more general, while sodet and sutil are commonly used on the islands of Java and Sumatra. Well, the spatula is the most commonly used cooking spoon. In general, a spatula has a wide, flat tip and a long handle.

Its main function is to stir, flatten, and pour food onto a serving plate. Because of the various types of food that are cooked, from dry to wet, the design of a spatula for cooking is not just one, here.

2. Vegetable Spoon

This spoon has a long handle and a rounded convex tip. Since the vegetable in question is soup, this spoon can be used for other soupy dishes such as curry, curry, and meatballs. The rounded convex tip serves to pick up the ingredients and the sauce, especially to make it easier for soft and tender ingredients such as green vegetables. This spoon is made with metal, silicone, wood, and melamine.

3. Pasta Spoon

Yup, a uniquely shaped cooking spoon is indeed used to cook pasta. More precisely, to take the pasta out of the boiling water without filtering it first. A pasta spoon has a round, jagged edge and a hole. These teeth serve to hold all the pasta at once so it doesn’t fall into the cooking water. The hole is also used to drain the water so that the pasta can be poured directly onto a plate or stir fry pan. Practical, right? You can choose from metal or silicone.

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4. Strain Spoon

As the name implies, a strainer spoon is used to drain liquids from cooking. Whether it’s gravy or oil, a strainer spoon must have a lot of holes in the flat end. However, unlike a spatula, the flat end of a filter spoon is actually round. Not surprisingly, this long-handled spoon is more often used to drain fried foods only. In fact, a strainer spoon can also be used for deep frying. There are types of food that need to be flipped during the frying process such as round tofu, sweet potato balls, and so on. So when it is cooked, the fried food can be separated from the oil and immediately poured into a serving plate. Oh yes, these spoons are widely available with metal, nylon, and silicone materials.

5. Salad Spoon

This one spoon is always paired with a special fork. The shape of the tip is rounded slightly convex like a tablespoon in general. The handle is quite long. When making a salad, put all the ingredients in a large bowl. This salad spoon and fork is useful for mixing ingredients and salad dressings until evenly distributed. In addition to mixing, a salad spoon also functions as a serving spoon.

6. Rice Spoon

This spoon which is also often called a “centong” has an oval end and is slightly convex like a tablespoon. However, the handle is actually short. This is a rice spoon that is usually used to pour rice from a serving container or rice cooker. The materials are very diverse, ranging from melamine, wood, plastic, to metal. Uniquely, there is a type of rice spoon made from coconut shells. The shape is completely round and deep recessed. This spoon is usually found in Padang restaurants and Tegal stalls which usually serve rice in super large containers.

Apart from rice spoons, there are similar types of spoons with longer handles. This spoon is also used as a serving spoon for buffet side dishes. In the world of catering, this spoon is better known as a serving spoon.

How to Clean Burnt Cookware

How to Clean Burnt Cookware – Cooking utensils such as pots will be very quick to get dirty or burnt. Most people who have finished cooking will delay the time to clean it but doing so will burn pots and other cooking utensils. Here are some tips

1. Brush with vegetable oil
Vegetable oil can not only be used to fry food, but also remove scorched stains. It’s easy, just apply oil to the crusty part of the kitchen utensil and burn it evenly.

After that, let it sit for two hours until the crust and charred stains are lifted. If the stain has softened, wash and rinse with water until clean. Immediately dry with a cloth, yes.

How to Clean Burnt Cookware

2. Flush the burnt part with vinegar
Vinegar can also be used to remove scorch and scale stains. The reason is, vinegar contains acetic acid which is effective in removing scorched crust on kitchen utensils, especially in pots and pans.

Just sprinkle the vinegar over the charred and crusty area and let it sit for a few minutes. Let it soak and dry, then just rub it with a cleaning wire until it’s clean.

3. Soak with lime or lemon
Using lime or lemon can also clean burnt kitchen utensils. It’s no wonder that almost all dish soap uses extracts from lime.

First, bring the water to a boil, then pour it into a basin. Then, add lime juice to it, stir until evenly distributed. Soak charred and crusty kitchen utensils overnight, so the stains are gone and it’s easy to wash.

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4. Wash with baking soda solution
The benefits of baking soda are not only for floating cake dough. This material can also remove scorched stains in an instant. It’s easy, just mix it in water until it dissolves, then bring it to a boil.

Later, the baking soda solution is applied to the burnt surface of the kitchen utensil. Let the maximum, let the kitchen tools that have been obtained for several hours. After that, just washed and rinsed with dish soap.

Cookware for Baby Supplies

Cookware for Baby Supplies – Before preparing for the birth of a baby, surely you will prepare the items for his needs. One of the necessities is cooking utensils and eating utensils for babies that are safe and hygienic

Baby complementary foods such as spoons and forks are BPA free

The most important baby complementary food equipment is eating utensils. For example, spoons, forks, even plates for your little one. Baby eating utensils will help make the baby complementary feeding process more comfortable. Choose baby eating utensils made of lightweight and unbreakable materials, such as plastic.

Cookware for Baby Supplies

Baby food maker, makes it easier for mothers to make soft complementary foods

Babies need a soft solid food menu to make it easier for babies to chew and swallow their food. Moreover, the baby’s digestive system is not perfect so it needs soft food. The baby food maker will make it easier for mothers to make healthy complementary foods for 6 months baby.

In this baby complementary food equipment, there is already a steamer, blender, heater, and even a tool to thaw frozen food. Some food makers are equipped with a steaming time so that the baby’s solids will not be too cooked or soggy.

The storage box is needed to put the leftovers of baby solids

Of course, don’t process baby solids only to be consumed once, right? For this reason, the mother must store the rest of the baby’s MPASI processed in a place such as an ice cube container. Then, store it in the freezer.

Mothers can take one of the frozen baby solids when it will be consumed by the little one. That is why, the MPASI storage container is one of the most important baby MPASI equipment.

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Wire filter baby solid food equipment, for mashing porridge or puree

Did you know that an ordinary wire filter is most needed when making solid food. Especially if you don’t have a food processor or blender. Although the mother’s hands will be sore smoothing the food, the results of the MPASI obtained will be really soft.

Mom also needs a blender to grind baby food ingredients

If you don’t want your hands to get sore, you can use a blender to smooth baby solids. You don’t need to buy something special for your little one. A regular blender can also grind baby purees and purees.

This baby complementary food utensil can also be used to cut cooking spices. For example, I still chop the garlic finely. Of course, this makes it easier for mothers to process baby solid foods.

Multifunctional Kitchen Appliances


Multifunctional Kitchen Appliances – Cooking is fun. But in cooking, there will certainly be a feeling of laziness when you want to clean the equipment or wash it. A lot of equipment is used just like that. But don’t worry, there are several multifunctional equipment that can make it easier for you to cook and of course make work easier and save time.

1. Outboard container dispenser
Soap or shampoo dispensers may be common. However, the container dispenser in the kitchen doesn’t seem to have many.

Now, with this tool, besides Mama, you don’t have to bother taking a spoon and opening the lid, it also makes the kitchen more aesthetic, you know. With one button it is easy to dispense the contents. Mama can use this tool to accommodate cereals to beans.

2. Basin as well as grated pieces
Making a variety of dishes from different regions usually requires cutting different forms of vegetables. Some need to be cut lengthwise or diced. Now, with this tool, you don’t have to bother cutting the vegetables one by one.

Just put vegetables such as potatoes and carrots on a certain blade and they will be cut to their shape. Mama also doesn’t need to move it to another place to wash it.

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3. Small multipurpose electric pot
This small electric pot is suitable for use in the room. He can cook a variety of dishes from fried eggs to make soup. This tiny pot can also be used for steaming.

Mama just needs to plug it into a power source and press the on/off button in front of it. So, what kind of dishes can be made with this pan?

4. Triangular sink corner shelf
To store fruit, vegetables or cutlery that has been washed, you need a multifunctional and versatile place. One of them is this corner shelf. In addition to being able to store vegetables or fruit temporarily, drained after washing, this tool can also accommodate eating utensils.

Its high shape makes it able to accommodate large quantities of goods. With this tool, you won’t see water dripping on the kitchen counter after washing vegetables, fruit or cutlery.

5. Multipurpose magnetic box
To make the kitchen look neat, don’t let everything be scattered and disorganized. Use the box to accommodate various Mama’s kitchen utensils. This box with magnets and openings is one of them.

Its modern design, minimalist shape and stackable make it the right choice for storing various kitchen utensils. Guaranteed to make the kitchen more tidy!

6. Tissue roller hanger
Who has kitchen tissue but always forgets where to put it?

Well, with this tool that won’t happen again. This hanger for kitchen tissues can be placed and hung on the door of Mama’s closet. This flexible and portable design is designed for roll tissue, yes.

7. Multifunctional manual fruit juicer
Want to make fresh orange juice but not strong enough to squeeze it by hand? I really need this tool. With this manual juicer, you don’t have to spend a lot of energy squeezing oranges.

This manual juicer for fruit can be used for almost any fruit. In addition, there is a container to accommodate the fruit juice.

Types of Kitchen Equipment for Beginners


Types of Kitchen Equipment for Beginners – Cooking is something that people must do when they are hungry. Cooking yourself can save you the usual daily expenses. For those of you who like to cook, you must pay attention to what equipment you will use. For those of you who are still confused in choosing what equipment, you can check below here.

1. If you want to cook in the kitchen, you must have a stove

The main cooking utensil in the kitchen is the stove. If you don’t have a stove, you will obviously have a hard time when you want to fry or boil. If you already have a stove, don’t forget to make sure the gas is always there so that the cooking process is not disturbed. Choosing a stove must also be careful so that it lasts a long time, choose a quality stove.

2. Cook in the kitchen using a frying pan and pot

The skillet will be useful when you want to cook and saute food ingredients. While the pot you can use to make soup or boil water. This cooking utensil is important so that cooking activities in the kitchen are more fun, choose a non-stick pan and provide a medium-sized pan.

3. It’s hard to cook in the kitchen if you don’t have a spatula

Without a spatula, you will find it difficult to cook in the kitchen later. Can you imagine if you have to stir food using a tablespoon? It is precisely what you have in your hands that is hot and the food is not stirred properly. Choose a quality spatula because a poor quality spatula can cause cancer. In Dekoruma, you can find many spatulas with various models and materials, such as the one from the Fackelmann brand.

4. Before cooking in the kitchen, you need a knife and a cutting board

Before cooking in the kitchen you have to prepare food ingredients such as vegetables and onions. Therefore, you will need a knife and a cutting board to cut them into equal sizes. You also have to be diligent in taking care of the knife, so that the knife does not become dull or the knife becomes rusty.

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5. When cooking in the kitchen, the basin is no less important

A good quality basin that doesn’t break easily will be useful when you prepare food ingredients for cooking in the kitchen. For example, when soaking vermicelli, washing cake molds, or washing vegetables. No need to bother anymore when preparing ingredients!

6. Who knows you need a pestle to smooth the spices in the kitchen

Indonesian cuisine is famous for using a lot of spices that must be mashed or pulverized. For this one business, you need a stone pulverizer. It is said that spices that are pulverized using a stone pestle taste better than spices that are mashed in a blender.

7. The little cempal is useful when cooking in the kitchen

The presence of cempal or kitchen gloves is often forgotten because of its small size. Even though this cempal is very useful for protecting your hands from heat when you want to move pots or pans after cooking in the kitchen. Instead of getting your hands burned, it’s better to prepare these chips from now on!

Kitchen Equipment that Must be Cleaned Regularly

Kitchen Equipment that Must be Cleaned Regularly

Kitchen Equipment that Must be Cleaned Regularly  – Kitchen utensils are one of the things that must be cleaned regularly, this is because all the food we cook uses utensils at home. The following is an article about kitchen utensils that must be cleaned regularly.

Kitchen Sink
The sink is used to clean dirty dishes and other utensils. This kitchen utensil must always be clean so as not to contaminate cooking or eating utensils that have been washed. Use dish soap to clean the tub from dirt or use a special cleaning liquid if Mama’s sink is made of stainless steel. Make sure there are no leftovers left behind.

Maybe at first glance the outside of your refrigerator is clean. But on the inside, there could be food or drink spills that Mama didn’t realize.

Take food ingredients out of the refrigerator for a while so they can be cleaned thoroughly and throw away any food that is no longer usable. Wash all refrigerator shelves with dish soap and wipe the inside of the refrigerator well.

Kitchen Surface
Wipe countertops, walls, floors, and other areas in the kitchen. There may be splashes or spills of liquids such as oil or water, which can make the stain difficult to remove if left alone for too long. Clean with a special kitchen cleaner that can remove bacteria and germs. Because, a dirty kitchen table can contaminate food that is being cooked or food that is already finished.

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Microwave and Stove
Always clean the microwave or stove after use. If you have a problem with food marks that stick to the microwave walls and are difficult to remove, there are easy steps to help Mama.

Place the water in a bowl and heat it in the microwave until it boils. The water vapor that is produced will make the dirt easier to wipe off and less stubborn. For the stove, periodically wash the removable parts with soap.

Keep Kitchen Utensils Clean


Keep Kitchen Utensils Clean – After carefully maintaining hygienically clean surfaces in your kitchen, it’s essential to keep any kitchen utensils, dishes and equipment clean too, to help prevent them becoming a source of bacteria that could contaminate your food. Cleaning and, where necessary, disinfecting these items regularly will limit the chance of them gathering bacteria.

How do germs spread?
Germs can spread very quickly, either by preparing ready-to-eat food on surfaces contaminated by raw food or by using contaminated dishes and utensils to serve cooked food.

Cleaning your dishes and cooking utensils
Generally, direct food contact surfaces such as dishes and cooking utensils can be hygienically cleaned by washing with detergent and hot water, provided this is followed by thorough rinsing with clean water. Where there is a doubt about the quality of the water, antibacterial dish washing detergent can be used to clean the dishes, followed by rinsing in good quality water.

Disinfect your kitchen work surfaces
Fixed or large food preparation surfaces that cannot be rinsed thoroughly, such as kitchen benchtops or kitchen slabs, should be cleaned with your usual detergent, then disinfected with an antibacterial product that is proven to kill bacteria. This will help to reduce the risk of cross-contamination from one of the biggest hygiene hotspots in your kitchen.

Keep your sponges and scourers hygienically clean
It stands to reason that the sponges you use to wash dishes and surfaces should be clean; otherwise you’ll end up spreading bacteria throughout your entire kitchen. Try to change washing-up sponges once a week and disinfect them overnight to kill any lingering bacteria. You’d be surprised that within just a few hours, your damp cloth can breed millions of harmful bacteria, simply by sitting next to your sink.

A strict hygiene routine is even more important if you live in a hot, humid climate where bacteria multiply at an even faster rate.

Top tips for keeping your kitchen utensils hygienically clean
Follow these simple hygiene tips to help keep your kitchen hygienic.

  • Disinfect washing-up brushes and sponges regularly
  • Wash dishcloths at the hottest washing machine temperature or use disposable ones
  • Mops and buckets should be cleaned, disinfected and dried every time you use them
  • Wipe down all food preparation areas with food-safe disinfectant before and after every use
  • Always use separate chopping boards for meat (especially poultry) and vegetables
  • Scrub chopping boards, disinfect, wash and dry after every use
  • Change wooden chopping boards regularly as they can harbour germs
  • Always wash and dry your hands thoroughly after handling raw food, especially meat
  • Clean floors regularly to remove food scraps and other debris as this can attract pests
  • Don’t allow pets on to kitchen work surfaces
  • Store pet food away from human food and use separate tin openers, bowls and cutlery
  • Wash hands immediately after touching the rubbish bin – a foot pedal for opening/closing your bin is the most hygienic option.
  • Make sure you dispose of food scraps and rubbish properly
  • All cleaning chemicals should be stored away from the food preparation areas
  • Ensure all food is cooked through properly before eating. This is especially important when re-heating leftover meals.
  • If you don’t have access to clean running water, use an antibacterial washing up liquid or surface wipes

What type of Pots and Pans Would You Require

What type of Pots and Pans Would You Require – Pots and pans are made from many distinct materials and the way you cook will ascertain what one you must purchase. Cooper is the very best at conducting heat from the stove top to the meals but can be easily excreted and have to be washed and scrubbed often to avoid discoloration.

The aluminum pan or pot is also a fantastic conductor of heat but can easily be scraped that may result in toxins being moved into the meals cooked in them. Stainless steel is quite sturdy, simple to clean and difficult to scrape. The disadvantage to pans and pots made from stainless steel is that it takes more time to move the heat from cooker. Among the earliest materials used to produce pots and pans would be cast iron.

Although cast iron is a acceptable heat conductor and an extremely sturdy material for cooking, it’s heavy and more challenging to wash. A number of the better and newer collections of pans and pots are made from composites using cooper bottoms and layered aluminum and stainless steel and ceramic interior coating to generate the surfaces non-stick and easier to wash. These combine the best attributes of all of these substances but are more costly.

Another factor is that which you cook. The saucepan is the most versatile and hot bud. It’s used to steam or boil things and simmer sauces. It’s a long handle for smaller saucepans or two small handles for your bigger pans. The stock pot can be used for boiling or simmering for lengthier intervals. A sauté pan is smaller built to inhale over high heat with little to no grease or fat. A skillet is a big fry pan using a large flat bottom and reduced sides designed to nourish foods with grease, oil, or fat.

A griddle is a like a skillet with a ribbed surface to permit the cells to empty out of the meals. The wok has a little bottom with large sides made specifically for stir frying but can, additionally, be used to deep fry. A Dutch oven can be used to cook foods that need low heat for extended periods of time such as stews or soups. It’s a thick lid to maintain the moisture and heat inside. Another kettle is the casserole bud that made to cook casseroles in and can also be great for braised meats, soups and stews. It’s normally cast iron and designed to be used in addition to the stove or in the oven.