How to Clean Burnt Cookware

How to Clean Burnt Cookware – Cooking utensils such as pots will be very quick to get dirty or burnt. Most people who have finished cooking will delay the time to clean it but doing so will burn pots and other cooking utensils. Here are some tips

1. Brush with vegetable oil
Vegetable oil can not only be used to fry food, but also remove scorched stains. It’s easy, just apply oil to the crusty part of the kitchen utensil and burn it evenly.

After that, let it sit for two hours until the crust and charred stains are lifted. If the stain has softened, wash and rinse with water until clean. Immediately dry with a cloth, yes.

How to Clean Burnt Cookware

2. Flush the burnt part with vinegar
Vinegar can also be used to remove scorch and scale stains. The reason is, vinegar contains acetic acid which is effective in removing scorched crust on kitchen utensils, especially in pots and pans.

Just sprinkle the vinegar over the charred and crusty area and let it sit for a few minutes. Let it soak and dry, then just rub it with a cleaning wire until it’s clean.

3. Soak with lime or lemon
Using lime or lemon can also clean burnt kitchen utensils. It’s no wonder that almost all dish soap uses extracts from lime.

First, bring the water to a boil, then pour it into a basin. Then, add lime juice to it, stir until evenly distributed. Soak charred and crusty kitchen utensils overnight, so the stains are gone and it’s easy to wash.

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4. Wash with baking soda solution
The benefits of baking soda are not only for floating cake dough. This material can also remove scorched stains in an instant. It’s easy, just mix it in water until it dissolves, then bring it to a boil.

Later, the baking soda solution is applied to the burnt surface of the kitchen utensil. Let the maximum, let the kitchen tools that have been obtained for several hours. After that, just washed and rinsed with dish soap.