VERY IMPORTANT KITCHEN EQUIPMENT –  The new kitchen needs to be stocked with equipment that supports cooking activities. You can pay off the items one by one to fill the kitchen. However, there are 15 kitchen utensils that will be very useful as a starting capital for cooking, especially for beginners or newlyweds. The following list of kitchen tools can also be gift ideas for friends who are getting married.

There are several frying pans that you can consider buying

namely stainless steel pans (stainless steel), cast iron pans (iron cast), or non-stick pans. The three types of pans are considered to have materials that are durable for a long time. Don’t forget to pay attention to how to take care of the pan

Chef’s knife.

A good quality chef’s knife or knife to the standards used by chefs will be indispensable in cooking. Consider choosing a knife that is rather long and rust-resistant. A chef’s knife can be used as a very basic cutting tool for all kinds of foodstuffs. The price of a chef’s knife is more expensive than a regular kitchen knife, but the quality is guaranteed.

Cutting board

A cutting board is a basic tool for cooking. Choose a cutting board that is made of hard wood and is a bit thick. There are also other types of cutting boards to consider, namely bamboo, rubber, and plastic cutting boards. This type of plastic cutting board will probably make the knife dull quickly but will be very easy to clean after using it as a meat cutting mat. Also adjust the size of the cutting board, not too small or too large, the medium size will be more functional.


Choose a pan whose material can distribute heat evenly with a medium size, not too small and not too big.