Know the Types of Kitchen Needs Cooking Spoons

Know the Types of Kitchen Needs Cooking Spoons – A spoon is one of the most useful utensils for eating. Spoons are not just one type that we usually use as a tool to scoop food and put it in the mouth, and have a small size.

Types of spoons for eating are also very diverse. I’m sure, from ordinary tablespoons to duck spoons there must be in your home. But, are the following cooking spoons also fully available? Spoons are not only for eating, but some are specially designed for cooking. The size must be much bigger because its reach is bigger than the dinner plate. Instead of getting confused when shopping, let’s check this list!

Know the Types of Kitchen Needs Cooking Spoons

1. Spatula

Often people are confused by the difference between a spatula, a spatula, and a razor. In fact, these three cooking spoons are the same, you know. The term spatula is indeed more general, while sodet and sutil are commonly used on the islands of Java and Sumatra. Well, the spatula is the most commonly used cooking spoon. In general, a spatula has a wide, flat tip and a long handle.

Its main function is to stir, flatten, and pour food onto a serving plate. Because of the various types of food that are cooked, from dry to wet, the design of a spatula for cooking is not just one, here.

2. Vegetable Spoon

This spoon has a long handle and a rounded convex tip. Since the vegetable in question is soup, this spoon can be used for other soupy dishes such as curry, curry, and meatballs. The rounded convex tip serves to pick up the ingredients and the sauce, especially to make it easier for soft and tender ingredients such as green vegetables. This spoon is made with metal, silicone, wood, and melamine.

3. Pasta Spoon

Yup, a uniquely shaped cooking spoon is indeed used to cook pasta. More precisely, to take the pasta out of the boiling water without filtering it first. A pasta spoon has a round, jagged edge and a hole. These teeth serve to hold all the pasta at once so it doesn’t fall into the cooking water. The hole is also used to drain the water so that the pasta can be poured directly onto a plate or stir fry pan. Practical, right? You can choose from metal or silicone.

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4. Strain Spoon

As the name implies, a strainer spoon is used to drain liquids from cooking. Whether it’s gravy or oil, a strainer spoon must have a lot of holes in the flat end. However, unlike a spatula, the flat end of a filter spoon is actually round. Not surprisingly, this long-handled spoon is more often used to drain fried foods only. In fact, a strainer spoon can also be used for deep frying. There are types of food that need to be flipped during the frying process such as round tofu, sweet potato balls, and so on. So when it is cooked, the fried food can be separated from the oil and immediately poured into a serving plate. Oh yes, these spoons are widely available with metal, nylon, and silicone materials.

5. Salad Spoon

This one spoon is always paired with a special fork. The shape of the tip is rounded slightly convex like a tablespoon in general. The handle is quite long. When making a salad, put all the ingredients in a large bowl. This salad spoon and fork is useful for mixing ingredients and salad dressings until evenly distributed. In addition to mixing, a salad spoon also functions as a serving spoon.

6. Rice Spoon

This spoon which is also often called a “centong” has an oval end and is slightly convex like a tablespoon. However, the handle is actually short. This is a rice spoon that is usually used to pour rice from a serving container or rice cooker. The materials are very diverse, ranging from melamine, wood, plastic, to metal. Uniquely, there is a type of rice spoon made from coconut shells. The shape is completely round and deep recessed. This spoon is usually found in Padang restaurants and Tegal stalls which usually serve rice in super large containers.

Apart from rice spoons, there are similar types of spoons with longer handles. This spoon is also used as a serving spoon for buffet side dishes. In the world of catering, this spoon is better known as a serving spoon.